Saturday, 9 January 2010

a modern day antoinette

I have a not so secret secret. It is my obsession for Marie Antoinette, and I mean obsession. Im more obsessed her/the film than I am with collecting joker cards from packets of playing cards. I have trawlled the internet sites for as many articles on her as I can, and still been left a bit short. As I'm new to blogging I sharn't be embarking on an article either, as I feel it is too epic to do...yet.

For now, some pretty things that just inspire me:
1. The soundtrack - there isnt a song I dont like (Fools rush in would be a favourite thought)
2. The jasmine tea
3. Staying up to watch the sunrise
4. the boat hat (millinery at its finest)
5. fashion inspired by food colouring.

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